A directory just for Australian Small Business Owners

We want EVERY small business to be a part of our directory, that’s why it is FREE to list – and WILL ALWAYS BE FREE for any basic listing.

Calling ALL Australian Small Businesses!

We know how hard it is to run a small business, so we want to give ANY small business around Australia an opportunity to be found based on what type of service you offer or by what product you sell. We are here to support you, to join your journey and to grow alongside your fantastic small business.

There are three ways to join Second Page:

FREE – Any small business can list for free! 

PREMIUM LISTING – be found in multiple categories across the directory and get a business shout out on our Social Media Pages

PREMIUM SOCIAL  – this membership is an intensive profile listing on my site where your business gets a premium listing with ALL your social media links for – I sharing you with our followers across my multiple social media platforms and I also add you to a closed facebook group where we chat about our businesses and support one another. 

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$ 0
  • Share Basic Business Details
  • 3 Images
  • 1 Category, 1 Tag on your Listing
BOOST your organic SEO.
Any Australian Small Business can create a free basic listing.
 Be ready to share some basic information about yourself and your business.


$ 24
  • Share all your business info:
    PLUS your Facebook and Instagram Links
  • Add UP TO 6 Business Images = more images, more exposure
  • Select 3 Categories AND 3 Tags = more chances to be found on the directory when people refine their search
  • Once-off carousel post shared post on our @secondpage_au social media pages
This listing is best for those who want directory searchers to know MORE about your business, with more pictures and your basic social media pages, giving searchers direct access to your socials so they don’t have to go looking for the links.
I will also give you a shout out on my social media pages!!
NB: 3 month min membership


$ 49
  • Share all your business info PLUS:
    (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, FaceBook Group
    Podcast Links, LinkTree)
  • Add up to 9 image to share your amazing business
  • 5 Categories and 5 Tags = More chances to be FOUND when users search for you.
  • Share a discount with our community
  • Monthly social media "story" shares on @secondpage_au
  • Immediate access to the closed business owner Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/aussiesmallbusinesssupportgroup - where like minded business owners meet and share tips and tricks
This membership is designed to cater for those who would like more exposure of their small business – you share all your social media details and you also immediately join our closed business group – a supportive Small Business Owner group where we share business tips and tricks and support one another. 
(NB: 3 month minimum membership)

Frequently Asked Questions

Any small business within Australia can join. Regardless if you have a shop front, you are on location, you sell wholesale, or you are just online. Any small business with that has 1 – 20 employees can join our directory.

A small business is defined as: a sole trader or UP TO 20 employees. (Transparency is a must for this directory. When making your listing, we rely on your honesty when creating your listing).

Registering is easy but takes a few steps.

First, decide which package you would to join us on.

FREE SMALL PACKAGE: Any small business can join FOR FREE and IT WILL ALWAYS BE FREE. We want you to be seen, heard, found. So join us at any time.

PREMIUM PACKAGE: This package is for those who want to list on the directory with MORE places to be found. Users will be able to find you if they search for how your product is sourced, where you product is available, all your social media links and customers will be able to review you. All paid packages require a minimium 3 month commitment, after this you are welcome to downgrade or upgrade if you wish. This package will get you a shout-out.

PREMIUM SOCIAL PACKAGE: This package is one where we work with you to promote you on our socials. You get regular access to our social media community and we share you business regularly. 

****PLEASE NOTE: Our directory does not currently accept franchises or MLMs that aren’t attached to your own small business. Read more info in the MLM tab below *********

We are super passionate about sharing small businesses all around Australia and have created a Instagram and Facebook pages that are directly linked to your particular state. We have also created them particularly for the Second Page Directory – where this page unites small businesses not only on a local level but ALL AROUND AUSTRALIA — and, to the world!

Therefore, when you join us, you will immediately get promoted not only the directory itself, but on the Second Page socials and the small business pages from your state.

Then the collaborative members get access to our communities.

We do a write-up on your business and share it with both communities. We also share your BUSINESS stories on a regular basis.

The story shares must be promoting something BUSINESS specific – your products, a giveaway or a new product launch.

To share your stories with us, it’s best if you ag us and then DM us a screenshot of the post which we will then schedule to share.
If there is one thing we have learnt while compiling this directory, it’s that with so many small businesses there are an abundance of categories! We have done our best to narrow them down into 12 main categories and from there your customers can find you through sub-categories and then tags.

If you are a free member you will only get to choose one main category with one tag. Remember – this is where people will find you, so choose it carefully (you can always log in and change it later on if you change your mind).

Collaborative members can choose multiple categories and tags – which means = MORE PEOPLE WILL FIND YOU. This especially suits those businesses with a range of different products.

If you can’t find a category that defines your business or your particular product, drop us a line down below and we will help you work out where you fit!
We would hate to see you go, the more members we have the more work we can do our grand vision for this website. We want to support small businesses as much as we can, this is our foundation and we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for version 2.0!!! You can come and go as you please. No contracts, no pressure, no stress, no drama. For those of you who choose to sign up as collaborative members, the charge is on a month to month basis. If you decide to opt out, that’s fine. Once the payment stops, your listing will automatically be reverted into a free small listing.

If you would like to come of permanently, then simply log into your account and delete your listing.
There is much debate about whether or not a MLM is classified as a small business. We know many Australians who rely on this structure for an income and classify themselves as a small business. To be fair on this structure we want to meet you in the middle – we would like to include your Aussie Small but require you to have a small business that INCORPORATES these products INTO your existing small business.

So – for example >>> you may have a hair salon that incorporates Nutrimetics hair products, you may have a nutrition business that uses Doterra, you may have a cleaning business that uses Amway.