August 8, 2021

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Our PREMIUM package allows you to share not only your basic business details but also your social media handles. Giving directory users quick access to social media handles means they know more about your business in just one press of a button, without having to hunt for it.

By choosing PREMIUM you will also be able to select up to 3 categories and 3 tags – which means when users search the site, you will be found in multiple places. You will also now be easier to find in the world of SEO. Your listing creates a backlink so when people search for you on the internet, they are more likely to find you.

Once you have signed up we then arrange a re-share of one of your posts – not only on Second Page, but on one of the Small Business pages we have set up all around Australia.

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-Be ready with the following information to complete your listing:

  • Business name
  • Year you started
  • Size of your business (you must be between Sole Trader & 1-20 employees to be eligable)
  • Business contact Information (phone number/email/website link (this can be your socials) /Facebook and Instagram link)
  • Business bio and owner bio
  • You picture to share yourself (if you prefer not, thats ok – just pop in your business logo)
  • Choose 3 Categories that best define your business
  • Choose 3 Tags to help people find you when they refine their search
  • 6 images of your products or services
  • IF RELEVANT TO YOUR BUSINESS – you have more chances to be found by telling people:
    • where you product/service was sourced (do you source it local or overseas)
    • where you product/service is available (ie: online only, in store, worldwide etc)