November 25, 2021

Welcome to Second Page AU. A website purely dedicated to small businesses.  


The world is changing, retail is changing, the way we shop is changing, the way we do business is changing. But what isn’t changing is how many small businesses there are around Australia and the world.

For far too long now the focus has been on big corporations, it’s time now that we make the switch. 

Every day mums, dads and even kids, waking up and deciding that they want to work for themselves. And rightly so. Who doesn’t want to see their business idea come to real life and to be their own boss at the same time?

But it’s not as easy as it seems. You have an idea, but what comes next?

I have taken the time out to compile a list of useful links for you when starting out, you will find them in my Small Business HUB. I have broken the hub into useful link headings (Small Business support in finance, government, tech, marketing etc), but I feel when you’re starting out you might want to look at the resources within the state you are located in first. Each state has specific guidelines and rules & regulations for starting a small.

I also take the time to interview small business members from all over Australia. People with experience in operating a small business. You will find pearls of wisdom within the Second Page Instagram page and if you resonate with one of these small business owners, then why not head on over to my YouTube page, All Things Small Business, to watch the full video.

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Of course, the BEST PART – I have created the BEST SMALL BUSINESS DIRECTORY in the world!

Here you will find a compilation of amazing Aussie smalls.

You can search for what you want and then narrow down the main category to a sub category or refine your search even further by choosing a specific tag, or if you want to find one in specific location, or maybe you are wanting to know where they sourced it from? All of these are options in our search field.

All Australian Small Business can list on this directory FOR FREE. A basic listing WILL ALWAYS AND FOREVER BE FREE. If you want more exposure – we have more options!

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