May 25, 2022

$120.00 / month for 3 months

Let’s work together side by side on maintaining your monthly socials:

  • PLEASE NOTE: This package follows on from those who have their social media established and just need support in creating tiles and laying out their grid. If you haven’t worked with us already – you will need to book in a 1:1.
    • Every business is different so your needs and goals are different. There is lots of talking, planning, organising and tech connecting to do before we can get going. This is a one off and then we get to work.  So book your 1:1 in here:
    • 1:1 one hour consult
  • We do your design work:
    • We design 10 posts with matching stories



You know what you are doing now, but still need some help with maintaining the look and feel of your page every month?

We will help you with the look and feel, editing your photos and designing your tiles – you write the content and we will do the boring work of scheduling it for you 👌🏻