The Toy Chest Australia

Established in 2021

The Toy Chest Australia provides an online shopping experience for those who prefer to shop mindfully when choosing gifts for children. We specialise in eco-friendly toys with an emphasis on handmade, Australian, and socially conscious brands. We offer only high quality products that will delight children and last a lifetime.

About the Owner

My name Is Cath, I'm a single mum of 3 from regional Queensland. I am proudly neurodivergent and I have some health challenges that make employment difficult. I began my business as a way to help support myself and my kids, and have found that I love what I do. I strongly value human rights and care for our environment, and do my best to promote these values through my business. Shopping at The Toy Chest makes it easy for like-minded people to find beautiful gifts while feeling assured that they are making a responsible choice.

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