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Established in 2021

The Everything Skin Range is for use on every skin everywhere (almost*) It hydrates, heals and protects. What’s it do? EVERYTHING. Seriously – face body under eye (yes – under eye!) And even your feet! No matter what your skin type is, your acid mantle (skin’s ozone layer) needs to stay intact. When this is intact; Oily skins don’t produce more oil than is needed, so oily skins are less oily. Dry skins lose less moisture – so they start to glow in the best way possible. Inflamed skin suffering from eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and dermatitis are protected, so they heal and become strong. Scarred and damaged skins are nourished, so the skin cells start to regenerate, causing the skin to look plump and smooth again. One cream. One oil. Two bottles. More bathroom bench space. Gorgeous skin, all over. Natural. Organic. No nasties. Vegan. Ethical. Non-comedogenic. Sustainable. Zero Waste. Aussie made. Palm oil free. Not tested on animals, just friends and family. (So, unless you count cousin Bob, we’re good.) *If symptoms persist see your medical practitioner. *not including your special bits, yeah?

About the Owner

Hi! I am Yvette van Schie, I have worked in the beauty industry for over 30 years - I am a (highly) qualified beauty therapist, nutritionist, makeup artist, writer and product developer. I have healed more skins holistically than most people have had hot dinners (or so my friends and family say!). I am passionate about healing people's skins permanently through organic, natural, eco skincare, nourishing food, healthy lifestyle choices. Beautiful skin comes from inside and out. I started the Ethical Beauty Expert originally as a online Zoom skin advisory service and beauty blog - but found that I couldn't find the perfect skincare for my clients skins which was clean, organic, affordable, ethical and vegan. Most "organic" skincare products are bottled in plastic and contain chemical preservatives, or nasty binders. I was making an ointment for my husbands hands which he also had been using on his face - his skin was looking better, stronger and healthier than mine! So I reformulated the product to make it more active and lighter (although it is still buttery - not watery - no water taking up space in these products!) I found I was using it everywhere as it was healing, hydrating and protective - face, hands, feet, legs - burns, cuts - it worked on everything! Of course I had to develop a oil which could be used to cleanse, moisturise, remove eye makeup and deal with frizzy hair!

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