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Established in 1995

Established in 1995. Supplements Central is a 15+ year leader in bodybuilding and sports supplements, both in-store and online from Taringa. CATALO Australia's acquisition in 2020, a company focused on natural health solutions, allowed Supplements Central to overcome pandemic-related challenges. This support made it one of the most trusted supplement stores in Brisbane, allowing relocation to a larger location at Sumner in 2022, now a head office for UM Sports. With the latest research and experience, Supplements Central provides top advice on health, wellness, and sports supplements.

About the Owner

Stephen looks after the Operations of Supplements Central and other affiliated brands, including CATALO Australia and UM Sports Australia. Former drinker, Nutritionist, Biohacking enthusiast, self-experimenter, research fanatic, and self-taught writer, Stephen immerses himself deep into the literature of human optimisation and better understand the nature of how supplements and related ingredients can help support health.

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