Sensory Enterprises

Established in 2020

Sensory Enterprises are the one and only distributor of Southpaw’s Sensory Integration products in Australia. Individuals with sensory integration dysfunction have special needs and our products were designed to meet these needs. Our products are suitable for Occupational Therapy offices and individual and family homes throughout Australia. We have a passion to help users balance environmental and incoming sensory information. We work on the subconscious ability to respond to and process stimuli. These products activate the senses of touch, vision, movement and hearing allowing the user to integrate and organise their responses. Benefits of our Sensory Products: - designed with both clients and therapists in mind, - can be customised, - easy to install and use, - guaranteed to last. Shipped from Brisbane, Australia, to locations Australia wide.

About the Owner

I am a passionate developmental Occupational Therapist who specialises in Neurodevelopment and Sensory Integration

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