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Established in 2022

We grind and blend all of the spices by hand, in a way that their natural oils are released and can combine in a way that accentuates the fragrances of each spice. So much care and attention that goes into each blend. My motto in cooking is “there are no mistakes, only opportunities to discover hidden flavours” – that means anyone can become a good cook.

Our business is a family affair. We get the kids involved to show them the joy of working hard and helping others. They help with sticking stickers on the packages, moving stock, and packaging up orders to send out. When a big order comes through, we will eat dinner together, clean up and then we all sit around and work hard. It’s a great time to chat and spend time together too. Our oldest son is our chief photographer – at 10, we think he’s pretty awesome at it too!

About the Owner

Hello, we are Sam and Chrystal, the names behind ‘Sauc’d Lownslow’, but I am Sam Kimber - the man in front of the camera. Anyone who’s seen my fridge knows that I love sauces and condiments and I love ‘low and slow’ BBQ cooking – so the business name is a mash of all the things I love.
This business started out of a lifelong love of food and cooking. My Dad was a chef, and I used to love spending time with him in the kitchen, catering for big events. He taught me the joy of creating food for others, and the pleasure of a shared meal. If I can give people the confidence to cook, so that they too can experience that joy, then I would feel very happy indeed. I struggle to sit still, so the Covid-19 lockdown was the perfect excuse to work on ‘Sauc’d Lownslow’, something I’ve been meaning to do for years.
We love food, and we love helping people with their cooking. It’s not just about the spices, it’s about people enjoying cooking food and sharing that love with their families and friends. Food really brings people together.

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