Resolution Education Brisbane

Established in 2018

We provide OVA training, De-escalation training, Code Black Training and Conflict resolution training courses for individuals, small businesses, government and allied health workers, teachers, and corporate/conferences. Our conflict resolution and self-defence courses give you the tools and techniques to de-escalate, defuse, and defend yourself in threatening situations. Because your personal safety is our priority. We will teach you: - the right mindset for defending yourself, - evaluating your environment - situational awareness, - different techniques to counter attacks from an individual, for example attacks from behind, attacks front, being dragged, - various ways to handle multiple attack situations, - what to do if weapons are involved, and what you may be able to use as a weapon and more.

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Business Instructor Multiple Business Owner 3rd Degree Black Belt (Hapkido) Chief Instructor in Hapkido Bachelor of Business

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