Pudgy Budgie

Established in 2022

At Pudgy Budgie, we believe in supporting Australian-owned and made, wherever possible. Sustainability, ethical and cruelty-free manufacturing, and ensuring that we have a direct positive impact on our local community, are all paramount. We have collaborated with local Victorian manufacturers, accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia, to produce our high quality apparel, and with Melbourne-based family businesses to source our beautifully handcrafted headwear and luxury soap bars (including our vegan-friendly range). We are tirelessly scouring the country, day in and day out, for quality Australian-made products to add to our product range and to help grow the Pudgy Budgie brand as one every Australian trusts and loves. Our Founder plays an integral part by personally sourcing each Pudgy Budgie product, and by planning its design and development, through to creation, and delivery to your door. Her ideology is simple: “Make sure the first bricks are laid perfectly, so that the empire you build will outlast you”. That’s exactly what her vision is for Pudgy Budgie. Pudgy Budgie aims to provide exceptional customer service, from check-in, to check-out and beyond, as well as ensure that all Pudgy Budgie products live up to quality and standards you expect from a leading Australian brand. Here at Pudgy Budgie, we want your experience to be a memorable one, and one that you can’t wait to tell your friends and family about. Our ultimate goal is for ‘Pudgy Budgie’ to be a trusted and loved Australian brand found in every Australian household, and one that is well-recognised beyond our beautiful Australian shores.

About the Owner

Pudgy Budgie came to be one Monday afternoon, at the beginning of Autumn, 2021, after visiting three local stores and not being able to locate a single Australian-made product inside. An incredulous look came my way when I asked, “Do you have anything that’s made in Australia?” The reply quickly followed: “You won’t find anything made in Australia these days.” I begged to differ, and started this venture. I was resting at home, after having finished a long day of university classes, with my talking pet budgie, ‘Venizelo’ (‘Benny’ for short), perched on my shoulder. I was in the very early stages of starting this business, and after a great deal of planning, still had no clue as to what the name of this Aussie brand would be. With ‘Benny’ up on my shoulder, I jokingly asked him for ideas. At that very moment, the words “pudgy budgie, budgie, budgie” were uttered from my little feathered friend, and both this Australian brand’s name, and adorable stylised bird logo, were born. Georgia Founder - Pudgy Budgie

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