Established in 2022

We are a small business that is focused on giving your skin the nourishment that it deserves. We specialised in bath bombs to ensure a relaxing experience. We have created a product that caters to all skin types, especially those who have dry skin. Our high quality and organic ingredients have been combined to ensure that with each soak your skin is able to absorb all the great properties that our oils have to offer.

About the Owner

I have created this small business due to my love of taking baths. However, due to me suffering from eczema, it was hard for me to find a product that didnt dry out my skin. Oils such as Jojoja and the use of shea butter and rice bran oil, with their highl anti-microbial properties, high vitamin E content as well as their ability to lock in moisture to skin has been my main focus. Not only is the experience relaxing, but the fusion of epsom salts, magenesium flakes and pink himalayan salt in our bath bombs also targets muscle recovery as I am also passionate about health and fitness!

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