Pasta Reggio

Established in 2021

A Family run home business, we have a range of fresh pasta's from tradition egg pasta's to flavored pasta's. We also have a range of frozen pasta from ravioli (2 Flavors) and gnocchi (3 Flavors). All our pasta is preservative free, no additives or artificial flavors, we use whole foods to produce a a light, fluffy and tasteful pasta. We source our ingredients from with Australia using home grown ingredients to bring you the best quality Italian born Australian made pasta.

About the Owner

From driving concrete trucks to making pasta. A passion that start at home by spending time with my children and teaching them the fundamentals of our Italian Heritage, from there the passion grew into what is Pasta Reggio today, a truly family run and owned business where all family members help.

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Micro Business 1-4


At Location , Local Delivery , Online Service , Pick Up , Wholesale

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Monday Colsed Tuesday to Thursday 9am - 5pm Friday 12pm- 5pm Saturday and Sunday - Farmers Market Days