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Established in 2024

Hi! I'm Melissa, your Professional Organiser in Bayside Melbourne. I specialize in providing organisational services tailored for busy families and individuals. Are you overwhelmed with clutter at home and unsure where to start? Do you struggle to maintain a sense of order in your living space or find it challenging to locate items when you need them? Are you seeking ways to enhance your holiday rental property to boost occupancy rates and profitability? Facing the daunting task of relocating house and feeling overwhelmed? I can help! With over 8 years of experience bringing order and calm to countless families, I've developed effective techniques and refined processes that truly work. I'm passionate about sharing these solutions with others to transform their homes and lives. I offer practical, functional, and realistic solutions—from decluttering and organising messy living spaces and pantries to complete home makeovers. Let's work together to create a space that brings order and calm into your life.

About the Owner

Hi there, I’m Melissa, your Bayside Professional Organiser. After 20 years navigating the finance world at Coles Myer and Diageo, and even owning a retail haven in Melbourne CBD, I found my calling. When my three daughters started school, I dove headfirst into what truly brings my soul to life - helping others reclaim time and order in their lives through organised spaces. I believe that an organised home can transform not just the physical environment but also our mental and emotional well-being. Life gets busy, and it's easy for clutter to accumulate. My mission is to make the process of decluttering and organising enjoyable and achievable for everyone. Nothing makes me happier than seeing transformations that reduce my clients' stress and improve their quality of life. You'll find that my approach is all about collaboration and understanding the unique needs and preferences of my clients. As a sentimental Cancerian, I also appreciate that some items are meant to be kept and treasured, and this is where I integrate sentimentality with practical organisation. I don't believe in judgment; we're all unique, and our spaces should reflect that. In addition to residential organising, I offer specialised services to enhance holiday rentals and vacation properties. If you own a holiday home or rental property, I can optimize the space and ensure that your property stands out and earns glowing reviews. Beyond organising, you’ll often find me practicing Pilates, hunting for treasures at my favourite op shops, or whipping up a delicious meal for my family of 5.

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