Nimble Business Solutions

Established in 2022

Nimble Business Solutions works with you to help build and articulate your strategies and plans, assist you to understand and solve problems, prioritise your initiatives, and secure new opportunities. When we help you, we provide tools and help you to develop your skills and capabilities along the way. We want to work with you and help you achieve success now and in the future.

About the Owner

Anthony has over 20 years’ experience in general management, strategy development, business planning and operations. His experience spans financial services, retail, entertainment and health. He has worked with intimate start-ups and local retailers, small businesses ramping up for growth, national players, franchise operations and global conglomerates. Anthony works with managers, founders and their teams to understand current operations, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, and to craft strategies and plans focused on driving growth and improvement. He is an expert facilitator who leverages contemporary strategy tools to improve understanding and encourage open conversations.

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