Myself Moments

Established in 2022

Myself Moments was created by a trained myotherapist. Our biggest goal is to teach people that they can take time for themselves, we do this by offering you a range of collections that give you the tools to create a moment just for you. Each collection brings you a moment for self love and self care that you can take anywhere. We wanted to help our our small business community at the same time, our collections features other small businesses around Australia to bring you a moment just for you in a box.

About the Owner

Hi! My name is Lauren Hokulani, I was born and bred in Hawaii and migrated with my husband to Melbourne, Australia in 2013. I am a myotherapist by trade and a healer by heart. Believe it or not- my dream as a kid was to become a massage therapist. In 2017, I suddenly lost my husband and later learnt that it all came down to stress. My husband constantly on the go, constantly stressing and did not allow himself to relax. In the end, it consumed him and his body ultimately failed him. Today, I treat clients that are extremely busy and in need of some down time. It hits home when I see/ feel how stressed people get and don't take the time for themselves. Although my husband is gone and I do miss him everyday, he was the catalyst in creating a career in helping others and learning to live a life I love. Mahalo for reading my story.

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