Millionaire Abundance Academy

Established in 2022

Millionaire Abundance Academy is a place where people in business join a community of likeminded people all striving for big goals. You are supported in your thinking and have the opportunity each week to share wins and receive feedback from the members. Danee will guide you through her "Thinking into Results" program that is facilitated each week. This elite level program is an intelligently organised high level learning program created by Bob Proctor the guru of human potential which is designed to give you order and break through barriers like never before in your business. It is aimed at creating almost unbelievable results. Danee will guide you through this step by step process on how to catapult your results using the 12 steps system to success. Results can happen very quickly so be prepared. You are also given access to an elite mastermind group, a 90 day Blueprint strategy, Q& A sessions and Laser Hot seat coaching with Danee. Here you will be able to use this time to fine tune your direction and results. Join my Elite Facebook group to join my free community where you will have access to free programs and information.

About the Owner

Danee Ilic is the founder and owner of the Millionaire Abundance Academy, an elite level performance coach NLP trained and a Proctor Gallagher Institute facilitator and consultant. Happily married for 28 years and mother to 5 amazing children she has been a successful business owner, juggling kids and career. Having it all has always been her motto in life. Most women feel they need to choose between career and family. Danee has been able to show many women how to have it all without the guilt . Her career in business stems from her first restaurant in the famous laneways of Melbourne at age of 19 to having her own children's couture clothing line and multiple franchise owner, showcasing in top fashion magazines and fashion weeks across Australia. Having also had an extremely success diverse portfolio of multiple stream of income Danee is also a top leader in her network marketing company hitting the top 2% in her field, where she was recognised in Las Vegas in front of 20,000 as top sales consultant in Australia and New Zealand and multiple trip achiever, the highest level in her field. Danee has been able to use her 29 years of business experience coupled with her traditional business studies and her Elite coaching experience to help many people create outstanding results (Quantum leaps) in any field of business and life. Danee continues to learn and educate herself where she is part of a millionaire's elite mastermind association where she continues to help those she coaches through her constant expansion of learning.

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