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Established in 2022

Lillibella is dedicated to be a Plastic Free, All Natural, Vegan and low to zero waste company. It has taken years to develop a range made from the finest of Natural fabrics such Bamboo, Hemp, Linen and Organic Cotton. All garments are designed and made in Melbourne. We go to great length to ensure you will have a garment to love and wear for years to come. We offer a basis customised option for garments to be made to your preferred length so you do not have to worry about dashing off to have them altered to fit you height.

About the Owner

After many years in the fashion industry. Founder and owner Karen felt the need to promote Natural based fashion which is kinder to the planet and also the wearer. We take the greatest care to ensure garments are made to the highest standard making the garments better quality for a greater longevity.

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