Kikiva Design

Established in 2022

Launched in 2021 in Melbourne. We are passionate about design and bringing unique brands from around the world into Australia. The brands that we sell have been carefully curated based on design, functionality, focus on sustainability and fair-trade principles. They have come from all corners of the world: Australia, Europe, Japan and Latin America. We believe you will love them as much as we do! Kikiva Design

About the Owner

Sharing a passion for design, travel and sustainability, Dino & Barry founded Kikiva Design in 2021. Travelling throughout Europe, we fell in love with Nordic and Scandinavian design, being instantly drawn to the aesthetics, functionality and simplicity. We continued to pursue our passion for excellence in design throughout Europe and Asia, discovering even more unique products that we are now thrilled to share with our customers in Australia. The name of our store 'Kikiva design' stems from our beloved pets: Kiki, our rainbow lorikeet and Kiva, our Russian blue. In Finnish 'kiva' means fun, nice, neat and groovy which is also very fitting to our store.

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