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JSM Solutions is your C.A.R.E Expansion Pack! Working on: Clarity . Admin . Reputation . Education Slogan "We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are" The two main outcomes we provide are Time and Clarity, working with business owners to reduce the % of businesses that close in the first 3 years. We aim to partner with you as your secondary management team to help you grow and succeed. Clarity with the ActionMentoring, implementing administration processes with AdminNuts, reputation and education with our sales training and retention centre My vision is to help people understand their core values, to help them overcome obstacles. Why - i want to help people achieve there ideal version of success, working with there strengths and weaknesses personality types to enhance their life personally and professionally. You can count on me to help you bolt into action and achieve your ideal version of success. Working to impact the journey of peoples goals and ideal version of success's by changing the perception on how Values, mindset and objectives being clearly aligned will give you more clarity. Working with individuals and business owners to strive for more then what they can see, build productive momentum and take action and put the work in that's needed to build strong habits for success. Understanding where you are now, where you want to be and enhancing your Strengths, so that your weaknesses can be guided to achieve your end result. Being a sounding board for clients, The Re-Enforcement Tactician. AdminNuts - Securing all sides of your Administration Processes. Educating business owners that admin tasks aren't a burden. Aiming to change the perception of admin teams and tasks with in businesses. . People | Processes | Purpose | Educate | Elevate | Subjugate | Communication | Clarity | Consistency

About the Owner

Sam - I am passionate about helping people succeed. I enjoy inspiring others daily. I want to create impactful & inspirational relationships for collaboration, advocacy and good times. One of my personal goals is to impact 1000 people each year personally or professionally. I am The Re-Enforcement Tactician & Action Mentor my Vision is to help people understand their core values, to help them overcome obstacles. Why. I want to I want to help people achieve there ideal version of success, workings with there strengths, weaknesses, personality types. We together will take your S&W then enhance them so they work with who you are as everybody is different - Not cookie cutter. Mindset>Values>Goals = Clarity = Results Together with Jess my partner - The Procedure Specialist. working to change the perception of admin tasks and staff, she works to securing all sides of your business procedures by implementing streamlined and efficient processes. Jess works together with business owners to help them understand that admin tasks aren't a burden, she is your floatation device.

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Micro Business 1-4


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