Jolly Wagtails

Established in 2022

Jolly Wag Tails is a boutique business, making quality. comfortable, stylish products for your well loved dogs and cats. All our products are made to high standards in Melbourne, Australia. ​ Susie founded the business in 2010 after being unable to find comfortable, stylish and quality collars for her 'sensitive skinned' dog and loves to create new season products that are tailor made to your pet.

About the Owner

Susan FitzGerald, the creator of Jolly Wagtails loves to create with style! She also really loves dogs and has two of her own -Mango a kelpie cross border collie and a cute little mutt Wilma who may be a papillon cross terrier. Only guessing. Susan has always followed her creative artist heart and is a perfectionist in all her work.

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