Happy Life Distribution

Established in 2022

Happy Life Distribution is a platform that aims to help children develop artistic and practical skills through play. We believe the philosophy behind the choice of toys is that they should be multi-functional and allow children to think and act. The toys we offer are open-ended following the guidelines of Montessori and Waldorf principles. All our toys are selected and designed with care and love. They are all made of FSC certificated wood with 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly water-based paint.

About the Owner

Happy Life Distribution is founded in 2020 during Covid time. The very first idea is very simple, to let children have toys to play with during the lockdown time. As time going, we think we can do better by providing qualified toys at a more affordable price. Today, Happy Life Distribution is only a baby and still growing. Like all childhood, there is up and down, smile and tears, laughing and crying but we never give up. We hope Happy Life Distribution can be a grownup one day and able to provide toys to all the children across the world.

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