Export Pallets

Established in 2000

We have the best products available to meet every supply chain need. Our product selection includes plastic pallets, EURO pallets, new and recycled timber pallets, and ISPM-15 export-ready pallets in a range of sizes and specifications. As one of the longest standing companies in the pallet industry, we supply export-ready products in standard and custom sizes. We have our own onsite kiln for ISPM-15 Heat Treatment which is the most environmentally friendly treatment you can do to make sure your pallets are ready for the overseas market.

About the Owner

Based in Laverton North, for nearly 30 years Export Pallets has been providing the sturdy, durable pallets that Victorians need to keep their goods moving. The company started in the secondhand pallets industry, where we traded quality used pallets. Today we provide a wide range of pallets, and services across the state. From recycled plastic pallets to timber export pallets being sent around the world, we have a pallet that suits your transport needs. We also have a commitment to sustainability and take proactive steps to minimise our impact on the environment.

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