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Established in 2022

I’m mindful of walking lightly on this earth-home of ours, and like to be intentional about the elements that make up Evie Jo’s bows. I love knowing that together we’re consuming consciously for the health of our Mother Earth, and of course - our children. Each of these bows has a piece of our family story sewn into them. And I hope they will hold your stories too, as they’re cherished and passed down between families and friends for many years. I’m so grateful to have you stop by, and hope you find the lasting piece you’re looking for!

About the Owner

I’m Felicity - the heart and hands behind Evie Jo’s bows! I first began creating these precious bows on my darling late Mum’s vintage singer sewing machine in 2017. She was a loving creator, and is forever my inspiration and part namesake of our business. My Motherhood transition (as it often does) invited me into a new way of engaging with the world. My three gorgeous babes awakened in me a consciousness around the nature of the products I chose for us. However, sustainable and organic products seemed a little elusive in the everyday marketplace, so I endeavoured to sit down and sew some new possibilities...

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