Established in 2022

My EnviroBren business is proud to sell palm oil free, cruelty free, vegan, reusable, plastic alternative, eco aware products for EveryBody. I make and sell my 7 x VDeo Vegan Deodorant natural deodorants as well as other chemical free personal care products. Some of the products that customers love are Produce Bags, Bread Bags, Backpacks, drink bottles, coffee cups, bulk food bags, smoothie cups, bamboo toothbrushes for adults and kids, natural sunscreen, bamboo hairbrushes, bamboo combs, bamboo hairclips, silicone ziplock bags, silicone stretch lid sets, silicone baking sheets, period underwear, shampoo/conditioner bars, laundry strips, compostable dog waste bags, compostable/recyclable straw cleaning brushes, reusable straws, stainless steel wire clothes pegs and more.

About the Owner

My name is Brenda Wilkinson and I'm a huge advocate for the environment and the animals we share it with. I hate animal cruelty, eco vandalism and waste of any kind. I do my best to help out animal/environmental organisations with the CrueltyFree Enviro events that I organise.

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