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Awaken and let go of negative patterns and habits that plague you Uncover and explore your strengths, weakness, passions, dislikes, feelings, thoughts and behaviours Release the mental burdens that keep you feeling stressed and unmotivated Make positive changes to get the life you want

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Hello, my name is Jacki and I am a Neuro-Linguistic & Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner and a Master Trainer in Hypnosis who helps parents and caregivers to break unhelpful habits, release unresolved negative emotions and to achieve their goals. Before starting a Virtual Mindset Coaching and Hypnotherapy business, my recent volunteer and employment history was with Lifeline as a Call Seeker and an Intake Officer for the New Access Program developed by Beyond Blue and delivered by Marathon Health. After becoming a Mum and having a successful journey helping people in a virtual setting, I now coach parents and caregivers in bringing positive changes to their parenting and caregiving issues, in their relationship with themselves and to achieve their goals whilst in the midst of parenthood and caregiving. Some of my hobbies include nature, gardening and expanding on my personal development.

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