Established in 2022

BRO-K is the equivalent of flowers for men! It’s the bouquet for bros ;) We are a proudly Australian business. We love this country, people, culture, nature... its the vibe. And of course the food! We are based in Perth, on the beautiful west coast. We love exploring our beautiful country and discovering all the amazing small businesses that have turned their passion into a product. We are always looking for new and great quality products and prefer supporting a local business to bring our customers something that they wouldn't find on the shelves of a big retail store. We proudly only include Australian made products in our hampers. Our vision is to provide affordable hampers for men that showcase the great quality products of small Australian businesses.

About the Owner

I have always been entrepreneurial, started with selling to my classmates in primary school. Ever since then I’ve looked for a good idea to turn into a business and finally found that in BRO-K. I Love business, growth, learning, providing great service and making customers happy.

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Micro Business 1-4


Australia Wide , Online Service

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24h online