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Established in 2022

The world is full of human beings, but there is only one you. You are unique. An individual. And as strange as it sounds, that is what I have built my business around. YOU. Helping you become the best, most confident and happy version of yourself. Celebrating your unique style and designing accessories that fit your lifestyle. Whether that is beaded keychains, a one of a kind set of earrings, lanyards or a personalised bag tag, my products are the perfect way to express your individuality and make an ideal gift for friends, family or even your favourite teacher (hint hint). You can feel confident when you walk out your front door, knowing nobody will be wearing the same accessories as you – promise!

About the Owner

Bonjour, my names Em and I am the folie behind Beads en Folie. So, what does Beads en Folie mean? Well.. beads, en = and, folie = craziness. Not the mad kind of craziness... the kind you feel when you’re creating something super amazing with such a special meaning behind it. The kind you feel when you’re being spontaneous and listening to your heart. The beautiful kind. Me? Well, originally from France (did you notice my accent?), I am a primary school teacher, wife, and mum of two. My life is nothing short of busy, which means when I have a spare moment, I enjoy nothing more than the simple things in life. The outdoors, mountains, skiing (growing up in the Alps, this one was a given), spending quality time with my family and satisfying my incredibly sweet sweet tooth (hide the chocolate). Working as a teacher, being a wife and mum and running a small business is not always easy – I get it. Add not seeing your family since pre-Covid to that and my mental health was in struggle town. Creating beautiful, unique and limited edition products for you helps keep my stress and anxiety in check. Another reason why I enjoy the creative business I have built? My daughter, who is also prone to anxiety, thrives when she is designing and making her own accessories, and even better? We can do it together! The increased confidence children experience from making their own products and getting to make their own decisions is unbelievable. Children, education and mental health are causes that are close to my heart. Beads en Folie allows me to give to those causes, with 10% of my profits being donated to various charities in my community.

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