All Drive Auto Parts

All Drive Auto Parts & Wreckers is a government-approved and registered organization that buys vehicles of all models, makes, styles and conditions. Our team excels in understanding the needs of our customers by meeting their demands efficiently and competently. We offer free towing at one of our fully stocked car yards, ample availability to individuals looking to sell their cars, and fast payment on the agreed price. Our team has grown exponentially in both size and service quality as we have continued growing with Adelaide's population growth over time. Our never-ceasing dedication, rigor for continuous improvement, and a wide range of abilities suited to every vehicle model in Adelaide.

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All Drive Auto Parts & Wreckers Adelaide offers top cash for all car models, cars, buses and commercial vehicles. We offer top cash for any condition and want you to know that you are never dealing with dealer fees.

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Small Business 5-20


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Mon to Sat 7:00 am – 5:00 pm