A Skin Affair by Alicia

Established in 2022

I started A Skin Affair by Alicia to create products that are handmade-to-order, gentle on sensitive skins, nourishing and made from high quality ingredients. I currently have released 6 scented 200g Body Scrubs and 1 that is unscented. These have been formulated to nourish your skin whilst providing stimulation for your circulatory system and removing dead skin cell buildup. These are the first of many products that I would love to add in the future. I created these products with my background of beauty therapy and my Bachelor of Dermal Sciences providing me with the knowledge and experience to be able to make these scrubs effective, whilst remaining almost entirely natural.

About the Owner

The owner has a diploma of beauty therapy and a Bachelor of Dermal Sciences and has created these scrubs with an extensive background knowledge of the skin and certain ingredient interactions to make the product effective and beneficial.

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