Established in 2022

Woodies is a small, female founded business. Eco does not have to be beige and boring, lets have some fun and go eco with a bang! Woodies gift wrapping sets are made from 100% recycled paper and printed with vegetable based inks in bold colours. All Woodies materials are 100% recyclable - with zero plastic. We partner with TreeApp to offset our carbon footprint of production and postage and package with zero plastic, compostable materials. If you are looking for an earth friendly and colorful gift wrap product for your beautiful store, we have you covered. All designs are inspired by Australian flora, fauna and culture and are hand designed by our talented founder "Woodie". Designed, printed and packaged 100% in Australia. Our mission is to stop plastic gift wrapping materials going to landfill because #plasticsucks Keep an eye out for new paper designs and special Christmas prints on our shop

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Emma Woodcock a.k.a. 'Woodie' started creating eco wrapping paper after learning that most wrapping paper cannot be recycled, and ends up in landfill. Based in Hobart, Tasmania.

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