Temple Bliss Designs

Established in 2022

Why Should You Switch To Cork? As we are collectively becoming more and more conscious of our impact on this beautiful earth it makes sense to explore vegan and eco-friendly fashion ideas too. There is a surprisingly diverse array of leather alternatives to choose from - even fabric made from Pineapple leaves! Cork and paper are my favourites to work with. Cork especially as it has so many leather-like qualities which make it perfect for wallets and bags. With a ridiculous selection of colours and prints, your cruelty-free accessories can really be your own individual style. I never mass produce, always making tiny batches of each print so that it will be highly unlikely that you’ll ever run into someone who has the exact same design If you’re in the market for a new wallet for yourself or as a gift, you are in the right place. Stop, stay a while and browse through my collection. I'm adding new pieces almost every day.

About the Owner

I'm Kylie, the creative mind behind Temple Bliss Designs. Based in Brisbane, Australia I create, I sew, I pack and I send. I began as a hobby in March 2020, gifting cork wallets to my family & friends, now it's moving forward fast and I'm loving every bit of it!

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