Sleep Tea Co

- Established in 2020 -

Sleep Tea Co specialises in two types of loose leaf tea. Our organic tea blends are made up of our 28 Days of Sleep and 28 Days of Calm. We are here to try and help as may people as possible get the benefits of natural remedies to day to day struggles like anxiety and insomina.

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About The Owner

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Hi! My name is Toni and I am the founder of Sleep Tea Co. I am married with a little boy, his name is Jonty. I started Sleep Tea Co after I was personally struggling with a lot of anxiety which caused very bad insomnia. I would lie awake at night so incredibly tired, but unable to relax my thoughts to go to sleep. I didn't like the medication I was given and the way it made me feel, so I started looking for more natural remedies. After a lot of research, trial and error I came up with my perfect Sleep Tea blend. It worked so well that I decided to start packaging and selling the product to try and help others in the same situation. I hope you enjoy my brand. Toni x

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