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Mac&Ernie Pty Ltd

- Established in 2016 -

Not everyone has a marketing budget, I get that. I also understand that doing it yourself has its pitfalls. Simply keeping on top of all the changes happening in social media is a full-time job! But help is here. I take the pressure off by providing social media and online marketing training and strategy guidance. I hold your hand until you are ready to let go. So, what’s my point of difference? Why choose Mac&Ernie? Because I specialise in helping businesses and organisations in regional and rural areas. I know how to make social media work for your business - in your local community and beyond. I also know how to fit digital into your marketing mix - making sure you don’t put all your eggs into one basket. My own training comprises multiple qualifications, including a masters of marketing, plus 25 years working in advertising and marketing in Melbourne, London and, more recently in Gippsland, regional Victoria. I've worked with thousands of local businesses, and have a strong understanding of what makes communities tick. There’s not much point showing you the latest million-dollar social media campaign for Coca Cola unless there are lessons you can easily apply to your business. Mac&Ernie social media training - whether online or in-person - provides practical, accessible and customised advice that you can act on immediately. Interested? Please get in touch.

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Hi I'm Erika McInerney. I'm the founder of Mac&Ernie, and I love providing clients with 'oh wow!' moments. You know the ones - you learn something new, and immediately wonder how your business ever lived without it. My social media and marketing training is full of those moments. With 25 years of marketing and advertising experience, and a proven track record of putting social media to work for business, I'm well placed to help you navigate the sometimes-confusing world of digital and social marketing.

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