Calistags Plants

Established in 2022

Calistags Plants specialises in "living art pieces"; using epiphytic plants that grow on trees in the wild and turning them into one of a kind, handmade wall hangings, where the plant is attached to a piece of decorative wood that continues to grow and evolve in this unique fashion. The business also offers a diverse collection of high quality indoor plants and pots, with horticultural advice, and plant styling services available for your home, office, or desired space.

About the Owner

Sophie is an Elwood based, long time plant and horticulture enthusiast. Her love and interest was sparked at a young age and over the years she has built on her knowledge and experience; working in at a plant nursery in conjunction with agriculture and horticulture studies during VCE (year 11 & 12), winning a Premiers Award recognising her excellence in this field (presented at Government House), that led to establishing a small local gardening business not long out of school. A shift in focus some years later, Sophie went on to pursue an acting career, residing overseas in London and LA for 13 years. Due to Covid-19 she returned to Australia in the first half of 2020 and during the long lockdown period decided to relaunch the small plant business that had been running alongside her acting pursuits in her last years overseas. A dynamic, community minded individual, with great get up and go, and a recent recipient of the Renew Australia - Renew Fitzroy Street, St Kilda initiative - bringing small business into empty spaces to help revive areas in need. This grant has assisted in expanding the business into a brick and mortar establishment for a temporary period of time, with a new shop address - 7/63-73 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, opening in the last weeks of February, 2021.

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