Bewitched Crystals And Candles

Established in 2022

Bewitched Crystals and Candles is an artisanal boutique brand of Bougainbale that infuses magic into your life with crystals and candles. It believes in giving you unique and handcrafted products, in a world proliferated with mass produced products. Metalsmithing, candle making and crystals have existed in many different civilisations around the world for centuries, even millennia and we are honouring these timeless practises. We are an India born Australia based brand in Melbourne, one of the most liveable places in the world in a sun drenched land. We hope our products will bring enchantment into your life!

About the Owner

I am Swadha, and before Bewitched Crystals and Candles came along I led an active career-oriented life and like all of us, imagined what it could be if I paused and relooked to find my passion instead of waiting to encounter it! I had always been inspired by my parents who are both strong personalities in their own space and care immensely about the society they live in. Unlike many, they still walk the walk and never talk the talk. The mountains I was born in and the beach I now live nearby have always been a symbol of spiritual attainment for me. They are geographical phenomena which seem eternal, most of the time looked at from a romantic, aesthetic and cultural point of view. We need to recognise and appreciate where they stand in the context of humans in terms of their natural history and preserve them. Thus when I decided to start my own business in early 2018 as a self-taught metalsmith, I vowed not only to revive handmade but to also give back to living natural monuments and the traditional society that lives within them for sustenance. I hope that you will lend a hand in this movement to revive the old world practice in this world brimming with machine-made mass-produced objects.

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